Video for RockCentral.org

This is a video I shot, edited and directed for a non-profit music school called RockCentral.org.

RockCentral - Interviews with Students and Instructors from David Ditzler on Vimeo.



Project Livewire - Harley Davidson's New Electric Motorcycle Concept

I was so excited to work on this project. There is no bigger contrast in my mind than Harley Davidson creating an all electric motorcycle. What a courageous move!

When I got to the site early before guests arrived I didn't even know it was an electric motorcycle I was looking at. Even when they told me a did a double-take. It wasn't until I heard it run that I was convinced. I have heard the bike in real life and it makes and incredible sound. It is a sound that doesn't translate well on the video I have seen of it.

I was mainly shooting video but here are a few arial photo and some screen grabs from video.

Aerial photo of Project Livewire Employee Preview in Milwaukee, WI.

Employee getting to ride Project Livewire on stand at preview event.Riding the Livewire Prototype bike at Harley Davidson employee preview event.


Chicago Aerial Photography via Full-size Aircraft or Drones

I have been offering aerial photography for my clients for years. Usually this involves big budgets and lots of restrictions. I have been flying radio controlled helicopters, airplanes and multi-rotors for years. They make great aerial photography platforms except they were banned from commercial use - until recently.

Aerial photo of Chicago Lakefront at North Avenue Beach, Chicago Beach Polo, 2011

Due to a recent ruling I can now fly for commercial use. NTSB judge rules FAA ban on commercial UAS/Drones unenforceable

If you are looking for an experienced aerial photographer with years of flying please contact me.

Below are some examples of my work.

Chicago Gourmet at Millennium Park, Chicago, IL 2013

Aerial photo from Quadcopter Chicago Gourmet at Millennium Park, Chicago, IL 2013NOTE: I am an experienced pilot and I never flew over people and I had a spotter with me at all times. These images were created by flying line-of-sight with the aircraft at all times and with various safety measures. Although some very dramatic images can be created this way safety comes first.

Video is also possible. Please contact me for a quote.


Grant Achatz shoot at Alinea for Red Bull

I was asked by Red Bull's corporate office in Austria to capure some photos of Grant Achatz, the Executive Chef from Alinea in Chicago, with Red Bull's Roland Trettl. Mr Trettl is the Executive Chef of Red Bull's Ikarus restaurant in Hangar-7. Grant Achatz was invited by Red Bull to be a guest chef for the month of November. Here are some photos from that shoot.

It was a pleasure working with the Red Bull team again. I loved working on this project and it was so exciting to be working in the kitchen of Alinea. It makes me very proud to be part of the food culture in Chicago. Grant Achatz and his staff at Alinea were extemely accomodating as well.

Andrew Knowlton, from Bon Appétit magazine lists Alinea as the 4th most important restaurant in America.


Food and Interior Photos for cibo matto Restaurant at the Wit

I was hired to shoot interior and food photos at cibo matto at the Wit Hotel in Chicago for their redesigned website.

Cibo Matto Restaurant Website Photos by David Ditzler I included models in my shoots to make it a little more personal. The executive chef Evan Percoco and the rest of the staff were great to work with. They made me feel like family during the three days I was there on my photo shoot.