Chicago Skyline Panoramic Print on Metallic Paper - $49

I added a link on my site to buy a Panoramic Print of the Chicago Skyline printed on metallic paper. I have sold a few of these and I get requests for them all the time.

Chicago Skyline Print on Metallic Paper

This is a Panoramic Print of Chicago's famous skyline.

This is a very high quality, real photographic print on Kodak Professional Endura Metallic Paper. This is not an inkjet or offset print like you might see hanging in the window for the tourists on Michigan Ave. This is a real photo. The metallic paper almost makes it look wet. It is really neat to look at.

 The link to buy the print is in my Products - Prints and Stock Photography section.



Heidi Daleiden and Guido Nardini Wedding Photos

Here are a few wedding photos from Heidi Daleiden and Guido Nardini's wedding at the Blue Dress Barn on Millburg, Michigan November 4th, 2006.

 726110-512176-thumbnail.jpg 726110-512175-thumbnail.jpg  726110-512177-thumbnail.jpg

It was a cold day for an outdoor ceremony but the weather stayed clear and Heidi's beautiful smile put a warm glow on everyone's face, especially Guido.

I will post some more photos in the Weddings section as I get a chance to get through them.


Iceman 2006

The 2006 Iceman Cometh Challenge race was today and my photographers got some great shots. I will be sorting through the almost 8,000 photos this week and getting them online soon. Those of you the used an e-mail address when you registered will get at notice when the site goes live. I will also update this site and the too.

 Congratulations racers.

2006 Men's Results
2006 Women's Results
2006 Slushcup Results


Red Bull Air Race San Francisco 2006 Photos

I was out in San Francisco last weekend for the Red Bull Air Race. Here are few photos from the race including the winner Kirby Chambliss and second place Peter Besenyei both sponsored by Red Bull.


Look for photos in my section Portfolio > Sports > Red Bull Air Race San Francisco


New Photos from Tao Berman's Stunt Junkies episode

Now that the show has aired I have posted a few new photos of extreme kayaker Tao Berman from Discovery Channel's Stunt Junkies show.

 If you were waiting to hear how it turned out here are a few photos.

725664-448577-thumbnail.jpg 725664-448579-thumbnail.jpg  

 There are more photos in my Sports Portfolio.

 If you would like to license any of these images please contact me.