Covered Bridges in Parke County, Indiana

Here are few shots of the covered bridges.

724744-426671-thumbnail.jpg   724744-426669-thumbnail.jpg  724744-426682-thumbnail.jpg  724744-426719-thumbnail.jpg


Parke County, Indiana

Here are a few more landscape shots from the Parke County Covered Bridges photo safari I did last weekend. These were shot in RAW mode on the Canon 20D and converted in Photoshop CS on the PC.

724744-426673-thumbnail.jpg   724744-426650-thumbnail.jpg  724744-426670-thumbnail.jpg


Americana, driving through central Illinois

The Midwest has its own aesthetic. I travel a lot and told some of my friends in Colorado a few weeks ago that they really need to get out and visit their own backyard. To look and experience what it is that made you move there and why you are still there.

I was intense in my recommendation.

As not to sound like a hypocrite here some some photos from my backyard.

724744-426667-thumbnail.jpg   724744-426666-thumbnail.jpg  724744-426684-thumbnail.jpg

All of these were shot through the car window at 60+ mph (I was the passenger) while driving across central Illinois in the fall at dusk.
the Midwest has its own aesthetic, large and open...
To me these capture the feeling of being on the road at dusk in the Midwest. Large flat vistas, large colorful gradients in the sky and lots of miles in between.

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