Chicago Aerial Photos

I got up in the air a few weeks ago and shot these photos of the Chicago skyline and lakefront.

Chicago Lakefront aerial photo with Willis Tower and Trump TowerI am happy with the way they turned out. You can see a few more of them here > Chicago Aerial Photos


More 2009 Iceman photos online

12,693 out of ~17,000 images posted. Every photo till 1:20pm local time.

So if you finished by 1:20pm local time (not elapsed time) then your photos are online.

We are working through the photos for riders that came in after 1:20pm and I hope to have them online today.

thank you



Official 2009 Iceman Photos online - the first half

I just activated the link to the first 8,116 images out of approximately 13,879 photos for the 2009 Iceman and Slush cup race.

These are photos up until about 1:20pm (local Michigan time) at the finish line. I had another photographer at the last section of single track before the finish (about 2 minutes out) and his photos go up till 11:15am. If you finished before 1:20pm local time then you have photos online. If you finished at or around 11:18am then you should see all your photos available (some in the woods and some at the finish).

If you finished at 1:20pm or later your photos should be available in the next 48 hours.

NEW this year...

  • real bib search that will ONLY show your photos
  • fulfillment through Photoshelter and EZprints should be faster when I get busy on other projects
  • all print orders are still reviewed by me and color corrected after you order and before it is passed to EZprints
  • Electronic Delivery available immediately, you no longer have to wait for me to email you back with the photo.
  • another photographer so we have shots in the woods and at the finish

NOTE: if you don't have a bib or it was obscured type LOST into the search box to see the lost and found photos.

All photos have been reviewed by me or my staff. if you can't find your photo or are having problems please call or e-mail me. I will help you get what you need. See right side of my site for contact info.

thanks again for another great year.


Photos from the 2009 SnoCone Kids Race at Iceman Online

I posted 1,493 images from this years SnoCone race at the Iceman Cometh Challenge. New this year is the ability to search by the child's bib number. If your kid did not have a bib number or it was obscured type in LOST into the search box to see the lost and found images.

We are still working on the Iceman photos but we expect them to be up next week.




Working on the photos from the 2009 Iceman

Between myself and two other photographers at this years iceman we shot 20,383 images. My assistant and I are sorting through them now.

This is a shot of the top Pro Male finisher Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski from Boulder, CO riding for Gary Fisher and Subaru. This composite sequence shot is made up of 15 still images from the camera that was balanced on my knee at the finish while I was also shooting tighter shots with my long lens (click for larger view).

Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski from Boulder riding for Gary FFisher and Subaru wins the 2009 Iceman Commeth ChallengeWhen we get the images from this years race online I will update this site and the site.

For all of you that made it to the event thank you, especially the two photographers that rode with me from Chicago.