Shot some new Headshots in the studio today.

I was in my studio today shooting some more headshots for the Streng Design employees.

Headshot from my studio in Chicago today.

Here is the first shot of the afternoon. I had a cord hanging in the background and you can see the light in the frame. I didn't have my lightmeter so I guessed. I think it turned out well. I like the intense look in his eyes.

Headshots for employees, actors, musicians by David Ditzler Photography, www.ditzlerphoto.com



Photos - Dos XX "Most Interesting Academy" Pub Crawl in Chicago

Photos from the Dos XX "Most Interesting Academy" marching band pub crawl in Wrigleyville in Chicago, IL. Our stops included Rebel, Red Ivy, Fiesta Cantina, Slugger's, and Cubby Bear.

Dos XX Academy Marching Band Chicago 2009 - Images by David Ditzler

Event photography by David Ditzler Photography www.ditzlerphoto.com


(ri)1 Party - Lux Bar, Chicago 

Photos from the (ri)1 Party at the Lux Bar, 18 East Bellevue, Chicago, IL on June 25th 2009.

(ri)1 - Lux Bar, June 25th 2009 - Images by David Ditzler

Event and Nightclub photography by David Ditzler, www.ditzlerphoto.com.


Grinder Girl from Hornitos Party Chicago

Just looking through the hundreds of photos from last nights party on Ravenswood in Chicago. This is a photo of Grinder Girl.

Grinder Girl performing at Hornitos party in Chicago, IL

This was the second Hornitos party I shot this week. Good fun an I will post some more photos when I get the chance.

See you out tonight at theWit Hotel and at the (ri)1 party.

Chicago event photography by David Ditzler www.ditzlerphoto.com


Event Photography - BGCC Event at The Peninsula Hotel, Chicago

Here are the photos from yesterday's BGCC (Big Gay Cocktail Club) event at The Peninsula Hotel in Chicago June 18th, 2009. The event was sponsored by Hornitos Tequilla. Chicago event photography by David Ditzler.

Hornitos BGCC at The Peninsula Hotel Chicago - Images by David Ditzler

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