Project Livewire - Harley Davidson's New Electric Motorcycle Concept
Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 10:40AM
David Ditzler

I was so excited to work on this project. There is no bigger contrast in my mind than Harley Davidson creating an all electric motorcycle. What a courageous move!

When I got to the site early before guests arrived I didn't even know it was an electric motorcycle I was looking at. Even when they told me a did a double-take. It wasn't until I heard it run that I was convinced. I have heard the bike in real life and it makes and incredible sound. It is a sound that doesn't translate well on the video I have seen of it.

I was mainly shooting video but here are a few arial photo and some screen grabs from video.

Aerial photo of Project Livewire Employee Preview in Milwaukee, WI.

Employee getting to ride Project Livewire on stand at preview event.Riding the Livewire Prototype bike at Harley Davidson employee preview event.

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